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When you have applied to study at the University of Aruba, we will help you to apply for a student visa at DIMAS (immigration authority).

The visa application procedure in short:

Apply to the University

Once the Office of Student Affairs receives your application and all necessary documents, a student file will be created. This file will be sent to the Dean of the faculty to which you have applied. Once the Office of Student Affairs receives approval, you will be informed by e-mail.

Once accepted, you need the following forms for DIMAS:

1. Proof of Finance

Study loan and/or confirmation of parents.

2. Copy of Medical and Travel insurance

The statement about your insurance should be in English, Spanish or Dutch and should cover medical expenses and travel insurance in Aruba.

3. Filed out DIMAS forms

Go to The website is in Dutch but you can translate the site to English or Spanish with the Translate button on the right side of the page.  Go to Download Forms > Forms and lists of Requirements > Permits.

Please fill out the Student application form and lists (Student_EA.pdf):|en&u=http%3A//

4. Original paper of good conduct

A certificate of good conduct can be obtained in your own country. DIMAS will need an original certificate, not older than 1 year.

5. Four identical ID photos

The photos need to be in colour and conform to passport/ID standards.

6. Official proof of payment

Proof of payment of fees with description: RBC bank account# 30.58.646, ref OSA Exchange Student. The total fee is $200 ($92 for DIMAS, $88 for a medical test which should be taken within 10 days after arrival and $20 for administration costs, government stamp and promotional items).

 7. Copy of return ticket

A copy of the return ticket that you booked.

You need to take all these forms with you to Aruba to apply for your visa at the DIMAS office.

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