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Do You Need a Visa?

Applying for a Visa for Argentina

You're so close to being in Argentina. Can you almost smell the chimichurri? Have you read reviews on all the best asado spots? Before you can dive into your foodie adventures, let's make sure you can enter and stay in Argentina officially.

Every year our team of visa specialists support each of our students studying abroad in Argentina to have the proper documents to enter and stay in the country. Let's get started!

Argentine visa requirements are determined by the Argentine government, not by IES Abroad. While our team of visa specialists regularly updates this page, the most up-to-date and official information can be found on Argentina government and consulate websites. This page was last updated December 9, 2019.

Do You Need a Visa for Argentina?

Depending on your IES Abroad program and citizenship, you may need a student visa to study abroad in Argentina. We’ve outlined citizenship options below to help you learn more about your requirements for legal entry and stay in Argentina.

If you will be going on a Customized & Faculty-Led Program, you may need a student visa depending on the length and nature of your program. Learn more in your myIESabroad account.


Applying for a Visa for Argentina

Once you are accepted to your semester or year-long IES Abroad program, you will find detailed instructions to apply for an Argentine student visa in your myIESabroad account. For now, read below to get an idea of what the process will look like.

If you are a non-U.S. citizen, refer to the visa information in your myIESabroad account to determine whether or not you need a visa and what the process will be to apply. Contact your IES Abroad Advisor with further questions.